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Welcome to MSF-Analysis

MSF-Analysis is a platform for the sharing of critical analysis on the politics of health and humanitarianism. This website promotes the candid reflection on both MSF’s operations and the wider humanitarian arena.

The act of providing humanitarian aid is deeply political. It is not an act of partisan politics but an act of resistance against a status quo in which people are prevented from accessing the basic means of survival, such as healthcare. Our small act of solidarity as humanitarians with those facing exclusion is in the form of the immediate provision of healthcare that saves lives.

These acts of humanity occur amidst hospital bombings; aid access being blocked; refugees being denied access to asylum; and international epidemic responses remaining slow and ineffective. These are not new problems. Yet they continue to represent some of the biggest challenges facing the patients MSF aims to assist. The worse off among our patients are those to whom the provision of assistance carries no security benefit for states and whose medical condition is economically unviable.

This website is an initiative of the Analysis Department of MSF’s Operational Centre in Brussels. Included on this website are opinion pieces, book chapters and articles intended to stimulate debate. The website is organised along the thematics of access, aid environment, health policy and refugees/migrants.

We hope that the reflections contained in this website will be a small contribution to challenging the status quo and the way in which we respond to it as humanitarian organisations.

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  1. It is always worth knowing what MSF is thinking about a situation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
    Jonathan & team. I wish MSF well.

  2. hi
    very interesting,
    in MSF OCBA NSY mission, we would like to receive notifications of new posts, please include us in the mailing list.
    thank you very much

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